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Roshini Visvananthan

Roshini has spent the last 20 years in the field of education and has had the opportunity to better understand the art of learning in many different facets.


Having experienced working as an in-house as well as consultant trainer with major MNC’s and GLC’s, Roshini is able to see both sides of the pendulum in the training arena. This enables her to train and coach individuals and teams across industries in areas such as personal development and leadership.


Her key expertise lies mainly in customer experience, where she coaches organizations to plan their customer's journey and analyse their product, processes, and policies through the lens of the customers.


Her passion for developing the leadership skills of young adults and children across the globe has translated into her leading the young adults wing of a global NGO, SSSIO since 2017.


Roshini now provides consultancy services to organisations, helping them plan both their customer’s journey as well as their learning & development journey to achieve the sweet spot of - lower cost, higher customer satisfaction and higher profits.

Kamini Visvananthan

A lawyer by profession, Kamini spent six years specialising in Industrial Relations and Employment Law in Malaysia where she handled cases for employers and employees. As the first Human Rights and Social Standards Manager for RSPO, she led the development of RSPO's standards, policies and guidance relating to human rights from 2016 until recently.


During her time at the RSPO, Kamini was exposed to varied human rights practices and impacts of the palm oil industry globally. This experience has given her a broad yet practical outlook. In addition to overseeing the development of the human rights standards in the RSPO's 2018 Principles and Criteria, Kamini was also responsible for developing human rights tools for the RSPO like the RSPO Guidance for Implementing a Decent Living Wage, Guidance on Calculating Prevailing Wages, RSPO’s Practical Guidance on Gender Inclusion and the RSPO Child Rights Guidance series for key palm oil industry players.


Kamini now provides consultancy services where she provides solutions towards mitigating human rights impacts for her clients.

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