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Roshini Visvananthan - CEO and L&D Consultant

Roshini Visvananthan

Roshini has spent the last 20 years in the field of education and has had the opportunity to better understand the art of learning in many different facets.


Having experienced working as an in-house as well as consultant trainer with major MNC’s and GLC’s, Roshini is able to see both sides of the pendulum in the training arena. This enables her to train and coach individuals and teams across industries in areas such as personal development and leadership.


Her key expertise lies mainly in customer experience, where she coaches organizations to plan their customer's journey and analyse their product, processes, and policies through the lens of the customers.


Her passion for developing the leadership skills of young adults and children across the globe has translated into her leading the young adults wing of a global NGO, SSSIO since 2017.


Roshini now provides consultancy services to organizations, helping them plan both their customer’s journey as well as their learning & development journey to achieve the sweet spot of - lower cost, higher customer satisfaction and higher profits.

Kamini Visvananthan

A lawyer by profession, Kamini spent six years specializing in Industrial Relations

and Employment Law where she represented employers, employees and

national unions at Employment tribunals and the Malaysian Courts. This has

allowed Kamini to look at situations from different points of views and

understand the complications when it comes to dispute resolution and worker

related disputes


Kamini’s experience include being the first Human Rights and Social Standards Manager for the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, she led the development of RSPO's standards, policies

and guidance relating to human rights such as the RSPO Practical Guidance on Gender Inclusion and the RSPO Child Rights Guidance. During this time, Kamini was exposed to various complex human rights and labour challenges faced by the palm oil industry globally and worked towards solutions which were acceptable by all stakeholders. 


Kamini now provides consultancy services on business and human rights across industries. This includes providing advisory services, conducting social impact assessments and research for her clients on these issues. Additionally, Kamini is also a Program Manager with Vérite South East Asia, an international labour rights organization  with a mission to ensure that people worldwide work under safe, fair and legal conditions.

Kamini Visvananthan - Human Rights Consultant
Juliana Philip - Human Resources Expert

Juliana Philip

Juliana is a seasoned HR Professional with 18 years of experience. Her early career in sales, start up businesses and subsequently core HR roles position her as a HR professional with a strong commercial background. Her work experience spans across different facets of HR namely Talent Acquisition, Behavioral Interviewing Skills, High performance Coaching for teams, Designing Benefits Framework, Role Analysis, Workplace Conflict Management, Work-Life Integration, HR for non-HR and HR for junior exec, Setting KPI, Sales coaching and Performance Management. 


She has operational and strategic HR experience in both in house and consulting roles where she worked closely with multiple clients to develop reward strategies, understand their benefits gaps, implement Job Evaluation projects & training clients to use the Mercer IPE © Methodology. During her consulting years, Juliana enjoyed leading projects relating to employee engagement, performance framework, global mobility, benefits and compensation. She finds supporting clients to make data driven decisions and ultimately improve processes very rewarding.

She completed her Master's Degree in Organisational Psychology from the University of Nottingham in 2018 and she also has a degree in IT Management from University Malaya. Aside from being accredited as Psychological Assessment Test User by the British Psychology Society (BPS), she is also a HRDC, Malaysia certified trainer.

Darshini Visvananthan

Darshini Visvananthan is a trainer and coach with a background in project management in the technology industry. With over five years of experience in managing complex projects, Darshini has developed a deep understanding of project management methodologies, best practices, and tools.

She has a passion for training and coaching others and has been responsible for coaching and mentoring team members to develop their skills and achieve their career goals.

Her expertise in project management extends to client management, where she has demonstrated an exceptional ability to build and maintain strong relationships with clients. With a client-focused approach, Darshini has been responsible for identifying client requirements, setting expectations, and effectively communicating project progress updates. Her experience in client management has also allowed her to identify opportunities to upsell and cross-sell services, resulting in increased revenue for the company.

Darshini holds a degree in Psychology, which has equipped her with a deep understanding of human behavior, motivation, and effective communication skills. She is also fluent in Bahasa and English, which enables her to work effectively with diverse teams and stakeholders.

Darshini Visvananthan - L&D Consultant
Zuraidah Abd Latiff

Zuraidah Abd Latiff

Zuraidah has over 25 years of experience as a corporate trainer working with MNCs in various industries such as telco, technology, recruitment firm and online job portal. She specializes in customer service, sales, quality assurance, team building, and professional development training. In addition she is an instructional designer for classroom, virtual and e-learning environments.

Zue believes that investing in the development of employees is essential for a company's success. She designs training programs that are aligned with the company's goals and objectives, and uses a variety of delivery methods such as classroom instruction, online learning, e-learning and coaching to meet the needs of different learners.


She utilizes a hands-on, interactive approach to training that emphasizes practical application and real-world scenarios leveraging on the new gamification technologies such as Kahoot.

She has received consistent positive feedback from participants, who note improvements in their skills and confidence after completing the training programs.

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