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Embracing Change: Navigating Layoffs and Finding Authentic Purpose

As we hit that time of year when news about job cuts fills our feeds, I feel the need to share a part of my story—one with tough moments, tears, and eventually some wins.

Last year wasn't your usual layoff season. It felt like every tech company was letting people go almost every week. In the middle of this job chaos, I found myself in the same boat. That call with my manager, breaking the news, hit me hard. Tears flowed, and it was tough. It was my first time losing a job, and even though I knew it wasn't my fault, accepting that took time.

Talking about it was like revealing a secret. It felt shameful, and every time someone brought it up, it hurt. But today, I can talk about it more comfortably. Time has helped heal those wounds.

Losing the job didn't just hit my work confidence; it felt like a blow to who I am. I remember attending a training course where I'd blurt out my job and then quickly spill about being laid off, like I had to confess before someone found out and called me a fake. A course mate pointed out that layoffs happen all the time and don't define one's professional worth and that this disclosure was unnecessary and reflected poorly on my confidence. That's when it hit me—I tied my self-worth to my job, and losing it felt like losing a part of myself.

However, this period also became a time of exploration. I experimented with different ventures based on my interests. From a condo-based catering business to toying with the idea of hosting private dining experiences, I explored various paths. Venturing into TikTok affiliate marketing centered around interior design excited me, yet ideas fizzled out, leaving behind a sense of hopelessness and creeping anxiety.

Eventually, I realized these pursuits lacked genuine passion. But one thing became crystal clear—I didn't want to return to traditional employment. Despite the adjustment to an uncertain income and altered financial management, the newfound flexibility outweighed the stability of a monthly paycheck. This time allowed me to delve into what I truly enjoyed while cushioned by a severance package and sporadic income.

As I navigated through different ventures, a striking realization emerged—creativity was the common thread woven through each pursuit. It was the driving force that fueled my endeavors, albeit in varied forms. What became evident was that this innate creativity sought an outlet, a platform where it could flourish authentically.

At Insaight, I found that space. Managing social media, design, marketing, and training as an HRDC certified professional, I'm still navigating the nuances. But what's certain is that I love what I'm doing!

For those facing a similar journey, here are some down-to-earth tips:

  1. Reflection Time: Take a moment to think about what you enjoy doing and what you're good at. This introspection can guide you toward your true passions and strengths.

  2. Embracing Resilience: Bad stuff happens, but it's not the end. Use setbacks as stepping stones for growth and learning. Each challenge presents an opportunity to pivot and find new directions.

  3. Financial Cushioning: If you can, save up some money to cushion the bumps along the way. Having a financial buffer can provide the freedom to explore without immediate financial worries.

  4. Purposeful Pursuits: Look for work that truly lights a fire in you, not just a paycheck. Seeking roles that align with your passions and values can bring a sense of fulfillment beyond monetary gains.

  5. Self-Care Amid Transition: Take care of yourself, physically and mentally, as you navigate this chapter. Prioritize self-care to maintain a healthy mindset and overall well-being during transitions.

Going through a layoff is tough, but it might just be the start of something new. As I continue learning and growing in my role, I look back at this rollercoaster journey with gratitude for the lessons it taught me. Here's to the highs, lows, and finding your way to what you love! 🌟

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